Etchings and Paintings

Eli Levin; A New Book and Two Exhibits

$16.95, ISBN 978-0-86534-859-2, Sunstone Press
Available at Argos, at Amazon, and through book stores

Disturbing Art Lessons is Eli Levin's new memoir of the difficult moments that shaped
his development as an artist. With the unblinking eye of a Realist, Levin dissects the
parade of influences, errors and conflicts which stood as lessons for his lifework as a painter.
Told with irony and with humor at his own expense, the book delivers an earnest and critical
answer to the question how can one learn to be an artist.

Levin signs his book at two consecutive exhibit openings in one evening:

View the work here on display at the Argos Studio/Gallery retrospective;

  View the work showing at Back Street Bistro here

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