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Landscapes Revisited - Whitman Johnson
Whitman Johnson's forty-four year career as a painter of the local
landscape has few rivals. This exhibit comprises oils and watercolors from
recent years, and a large collection of ink drawings, all executed in the
open air in and around Santa Fe.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 20th, 5:30 - 7:30
: September 20th through October 18th, 2019

Go here to preview the exhibit.

Ambos Lados International Print Exchange
An exchange of prints between artist-printmakers, administered by print collectives
on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border.

Opening Reception: Friday, July 12th, 5:30 - 7:00
: July 12th through August 2nd, 2019

Go here for examples of work in the exhibit.


Ryder Studio Exhibit
Argos is pleased to present its annual exhibit
of work by both students and instructors. These exhibits are opportunities for the public
to regain an appreciation of the commitment realist artists make to their craft.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 20th, 6:00 - 8:00
: April 20th through May 4th, 2018

Full Disclosure
The fifth annual push-pin exhibit of drawings from the live model,
self-curated by the members of the Tuesday Night Drawing Group,
meeting weekly at Argos Studio/Gallery. This group is the longest-running
life drawing group in Santa Fe, originating at Eli Levin's studio in 1969.

Opening Reception: Friday, March 23rd, 6:00 - 8:00
: March 23rd through April 8th, 2018

Go here for examples of work in the exhibit.


Our 2017 historical prints exhibit focuses on the nude. Kenneth Clark
writes that the nude is not a subject in art so much as it is an art form,
invented in ancient Greece, with its own systematic visual language. This
exhibit surveys images of the nude, dating from the middle of the
Rennaissance through the present day, curated from the Bell family
collection of fine art prints.

Robert Bell will offer a tour and discussion of the exhibit on the Sunday
following the opening.

Go here for examples of work in the exhibit.

Opening Reception: Friday, December 1, 5:30 - 7:30
Exhibit Tour
: Sunday, December 3, 3:00pm, please RSVP

: December 1 through December 31, 2017

Figure painting in the modern era is characterized by a movement away from ideal form.
It clearly favors the particular and the singular in human experience. This exhibit of
paintings by Bob Richardson works in this mode; the narratives are personal and the
personalities belong to a place and a moment.

Go here for examples of work in the exhibit.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 22nd, 6:00 - 8:00

Exhibit: September 22nd through October 15th

Most modern-day art centers in the U.S. can point to their atelier-style schools of realism,
and in Santa Fe we have the Ryder Studio. Students gather from many parts of the country
and the world to learn from the Ryder method. Argos is pleased to present its annual exhibit
of work by both students and instructors. These exhibits are opportunities for the public
to regain an appreciation of the commitment realist artists make to their craft.

Go here for examples of work in the exhibit.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 21st, 5:30 - 7:30

Exhibit: April 21st through May 5th


The drawing group started by Eli Levin in 1969 is Santa Fe's longest-running artists'
figure-model gathering. The group meets at Argos each Tuesday night and is known as
one of Santa Fe's signature social gatherings of artists. Each year they present a self-curated
push-pin exhibit of drawing from the artists' model.

Go here for examples of work in the exhibit.

Opening Reception: Friday, March 27th, 6:00 - 8:00

Exhibit: March 27th through April 20th


Historically, several elements of printmaking motivate artists to work in print cycles, or in the related
form of the open-ended print series. This exhibit explores the tradition across five centuries, twenty-five
artists and some 225 images. The exhibit starts with Durer's print cycle of woodcuts called the
"Small Passion", c1511. Go here to preview the exhibit.

The exhibit is curated by Robert bell from his collecton of fine art prints. Bell will deliver a gallery talk
and tour of the exhibit on the Sunday following the opening; please RSVP.

Opening Reception: Friday, Dec. 4th, 5:30 - 7:30
Robert Bell's gallery talk: Sunday, Dec. 4th, 3pm: RSVP
Exhibit: Dec 2 thru January 6


The Tuesday Night Drawing Group is Santa Fe's longest running life-drawing
group. It originated in Eli Levin's studio off Canyon Road in 1969. It has met weekly
since then with a constantly evolving group of artists and has always been open
to all levels of experience and working styles.

The drawing groups at Argos are self-managed. The Tuesday Group's push-pin
exhibits are likewise self-curated from work done in the live-model evening sessions.
A primary quality of the exhibits is their compelling variety of styles and techniques.

Go here to preview the exhibit.
Opening: Friday, June 17th , 6:00 - 8:00pm
Exhibit: June 17th through July 3rd, 2016

Barbizon to Santa Fe

The American Society of Historical Print Collectors will have their annual meeting in
Santa Fe this year. Argos welcomes them with a prints exhibit. Robert Bell has
curated a grouping from his collection that surveys 19th century prints of the Etching Revival,
starting with the French artists of the Barbizon School, and concluding with the American prints
of Thomas, Mary Nimmo and Peter Moran. Special emphasis is given the Santa Fe and New
Mexico images of Peter Moran, some of the earliest such images by an Anglo-American artist.

Bob Bell will give a gallery talk on the exhibit, on Sunday May 8th, 2 - 3pm; please RSVP

 Go here to preview the exhibit.
Opening: Friday, May 6th , 5:30 - 7:30pm
Gallery Talk: Sunday, May 8th , 2 - 3pm
Exhibit: May 6th through June 10th, 2016

Ryder Studio Exhibit at Argos

Every year, the Ryder Studio in Santa Fe works with a small group of students on the fundamentals
of realist representation. Students come from all parts of the country, and internationally. The instruction
is atelier-style, with instructors working alongside students in front of the model, demonstrating technique.
This basic approach is that of the 19th century French Academy, which also informs much of
Ryder Studio’s technical instruction.

Ryder Studio emphasizes drawing, in teaching students to observe the fall of light on the subject. In the
studio at Argos we teach the drawing-driven art of intaglio printmaking, and host open life-drawing groups.
We are therefore pleased to present a yearly exhibit by the students at Ryder Studio, supported by examples
of work by their instructors.

 Go here to view the exhibit.
Opening: Friday, April 8th , 5:30 - 7:30pm
Exhibit: April 8th through May 1st, 2016


Prints on Prints
Prints on the Art of Printmaking

Much artwork in the Western tradition is self-referential. Counterpoint in music, the play
within the play, and the use of one story as metaphor for another are all familiar artistic
devices. Likewise, paintings often depict painters, or studio life, or comment on other
paintings. The history of printmaking is filled with similar examples, especially as printing
straddles the worlds of the fine and commercial arts.

In Argos' previous annual historical print exhibits from the Robert Bell collection,
self-referencing prints have been on display. For 2015, Bell has curated an exhibit
purely on the theme of prints about prints.

Bell will deliver a gallery-talk on the complex cross-references in the exhibit, on the
Sunday after the reception. Please RSVP for this talk.
Go here to view the exhibit.
Opening: Friday, December 11 , 5:30 - 7:30pm
Gallery Talk: Sunday, December 13, 3 - 5pm (please RSVP)
Exhibit: through January 3

Mary Teichman
Master Intaglio Printmaker

Mary Teichman is a master of multiple color etching. The difficulty of the technique is enough to dissuade
most artists, even most printmakers, from adopting it. Teichman aspired to it early and has become an
acknowledged master of the method, which yields uniquely rich, dense images.

Argos presents a comprehensive exhibit of Teichman’s work.
Go here to view the exhibit.
Opening: Friday, October 30 , 5:30-7:30pm
Exhibit: October 30 thru November 22

Caroline Grant, Greta Young
Figure Drawing

Caroline Grant and Greta Young present figure drawing in two very different styles. Their work is
related in being largely finished in front of the model at two of the drawing groups that meet at Argos.

Please join us for an exhibit that celebrates diversity in the work of artists drawing from the live model.
Go here to view Caroline Grant's work.

Go here to view Greta Young's work.
Opening: Friday, October 2, 5:30-7:30pm
Exhibit: October 2 thru October 25

Skin Deep II
An Exhibit by the Tuesday Night Drawing Group

Argos Studio/Gallery hosts five artist's life-drawing groups weekly. The Tuesday Night Drawing Group
is Santa Fe's longest running such group.  By tradition, it is open to all.

Argos is pleased to host a second push-pin exhibit of work from the group.

Go here to view the exhibit.

Opening: Friday, March 27th, 6 - 8pm
Exhibit: March 27 thru April 20th


Annual Prints Exhibit:
The Landscape in Printmaking, Across Five Centuries

Image pages are here.

Work on display spans five centuries, from the 1500's to the modern
era. The exhibit focuses on the printmaking of the 19th- and 20th-century
Etching Revival, a period where much of our modern landscape tradition derives.

The historical works are curated from the collection of Robert Bell, who
will lead a tour of the exhibit, with commentary, two days after the opening.
RSVP to reserve your space.

The Santa Fe Etching Club displays recent landscape work.

Opening: Friday, December 5th, 5:00 - 7:30
Tour: Sunday, December 7th, 3:30 - 5:30 -- RSVP
Exhibit: December 5th thru January 2nd, 2015

Susan Cornish

Etchings, monotypes, drawing and paintings
on paper by Susan Cornish. Her work focuses on
the New Mexico landscape with a rhythmic,
symbolic language of shape and color.

Go here to view the exhibit.

Opening: Friday, June 27th, 5:30 - 7:30pm
Exhibit: June 27th thru July 13th, 2014

Ryder Studio Exhibit

An exhibit of work by the students
and faculty of The Ryder Studio, an atelier
offering advanced training in drawing and
painting technique.

Go here to view the exhibit.

Opening: Friday, March 7th, 6 - 8:00pm
Exhibit: March 7th until April 3rd, 2014

Skin Deep
An exhibit of work from the live model
by The Tuesday Night Drawing Group

Go here to view the exhibit.

The Tuesday Night Drawing Group is Santa Fe’s longest-running, continuously-meeting group of this sort.
Begun by Eli Levin in his off-Canyon-Road studio in 1969, it has flourished through four and a half decades.
By tradition, it is open to all. Currently, it is a lively company with a wide range of drawing styles.
Argos is pleased to present a push-pin exhibit of work from the group.

Opening: Friday, March 7th, 6 - 8:00pm
Exhibit: March 7th until April 3rd, 2014


Whistler and Company

Go here for a sampling of the exhibit.

The exhibit presents a collection of Whistler's original prints in company with work by his contemporaries.
This showing is the eighth in Argos Gallery's series of exhibits of historical prints from the collection of
Robert Bell. Bell will offer a tour of the exhibit with commentary, on the Saturday after the opening.

Opening: Friday, December 6th, 5 - 7:30pm, 1211 Luisa St. (at Cordova Rd.) Go here for a map.
Exhibit: December 6th through January 4th

Tour of the Exhibit by Robert Bell: Saturday, December 7th, 3:30 - 5:30 ~~ Please RSVP


Four Artists / Work on Paper

Work on paper means different things to different artists. This exhibit shows work on paper by four artists
regularly exhibiting at Argos, in context with the paintings and prints they are better known for. Go here for
exhibit pages of the work of Thayer Carter, Whitman Johnson, Eli Levin, Sarah McCarty.

Opening: Friday, October 25th, 5 - 7:30pm, 1211 Luisa St. (at Cordova Rd.) Go here for a map.
Exhibit: October 25th through November 22nd


Eli Levin, An Exhibit On His 75th Birthday

We present a comprehensive survey of Levin's intaglio printmaking spanning fifty-three years,
along with an exhibit of new paintings in the Social Realist bar-scene theme he is best known for.
Go here for the first of three pages of exhibit images.---

Opening: Friday, June 14th, 5:00-8pm, 1211 Luisa St. (at Cordova Rd.) Go here for a map.
Exhibit: June 14th through July 7th



Portraits and Self-Portraits in the History of Printmaking

Argos Gallery presents an exhibit of portraits and self-portraits executed in all the major
techniques of fine-art printmaking. The work spans five centuries of Western tradition,
with contrasting approaches to the portrait, and comes from the collection of Robert Bell.

Members of the Santa Fe Etching Club will show current intaglio portrait work as well,
and celebrate 32 years of Dr. Bell’s support of the etching studio.

Dr. Bell will deliver a lecture presentation the day after the opening. Call for reservations.

A sampling of the 150+ prints is here.

Opening: Friday, Dec 7th, 5:30-7pm, 1211 Luisa St. (at Cordova Rd.)
Lecture: Saturday, Dec 8th, 3pm. Go
here for a map.

The exhibit is held over through Jan 11th, due to strong continuing interest.
We will close the exhibit with a guided tour by the owner of the collection, Bob Bell.
Closing tour and discussion: 5:30-7:00 Friday Jan. 11th. PLEASE RSVP.



A Book-signing and Two Exhibits

Eli Levin presents his new book, titled Disturbing Art Lessons, with a book-signing at two consecutive
exhibit receptions. The book is a memoir of the influences, errors and conflicts which stood as lessons for his
life as a painter. The exhibits form contrasting settings for the book-signing:

--At Argos Gallery, Eli presents a retrospective of paintings that relate to the memoir material in the book;
--At Back Street Bistro, a collection of work painted on location is the setting for the second reception of the evening.

Start at Argos for the retrospective, join us at Back Street Bistro for the party.

Opening at Argos Studio/Gallery: Friday, April 13th, 4:30-6pm, at the new studio, 1211 Luisa St. (at Cordova Rd.)
Opening at Back Street Bistro: The same evening, 6:00-7:30pm

Go here for a map to both locations, and an online gallery of the exhibits.



Thayer Carter; New Woodcuts

Argos Studio presents new woodcuts by Thayer Carter, along with a selection of the watercolors
that form the basis for his new blocks. Carter takes his inspiration from travels into the desert wilderness
of Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, along with destinations such as Viet Nam and Mexico. Please join us at
a reception for his new work.

Opening: Friday, Sep 30th, 4:30-7pm, at the new studio, 1211 Luisa St. (at Cordova Rd.) Go here for a map.

(online gallery)


Käthe Kollwitz and Contemporaries

The Santa Fe Etching Club has moved! It's our 31st year, we've got a new, larger studio, and a new showroom.
We're celebrating with an inaugural exhibit of
Käthe Kollwitz prints from the Dr. Bell collection (plus work from her contemporaries including the German Expressionists).

Dr. Bell will give a lecture-presentation of the work on the day following the opening. Limited seating; call
(505) 986-8071 to sign up.

Opening: Friday, May 13th, 4-7pm, at the new studio, 1211 Luisa St. (at Cordova Rd.)
Lecture: Saturday, May 14th, 2pm, also at the new studio. Go
here for a map.

(online gallery)



Annual Etching Exhibit, December 17th, 5-8pm

Argos presents its annual historical etching exhibit: forty prints from
the Robert Bell collection. Most images are from the height of the
European Etching Revival, 1880-1910.

Across the street at the Studio of the Santa Fe Etching Club, we present a selection of
recent etchings from current members. During the reception, Eli Levin demonstrates the
etching proces on the Club's 1916 Sturgis press.

(online gallery)

Through October 31st.


Melinda Miles; Trains of Thought, a Memorial Exhibit,
October 8th, 5-8pm

Santa Fe lost well-loved artist Melinda Miles in September of
2009. Argos Gallery is proud to host a memorial exhibit of Melinda's
last work. The heart of the exhibit is the last series of paintings Melinda
worked on, hauntingly concerned with themes of journey, passage and departure.

This collection is presented along with two others. The first is a retrospective group of
selected from various stages of Melinda's career. The second is a compre-
hensive collection of her work on paper, including lithographs, drawings, sketches
and etchings.

(online gallery)

Through October 31st.


Eli Levin; New Work,
June 18th, 5-7pm

Argos Gallery presents its annual exhibit of new work
by Eli Levin. In this work, Levin returns to the core themes
which define his career as a Social Realist painter.

(online gallery)

Through July 16th.



Annual Historical Etchings Exhibit,
December 18th, 5-7:30pm

Argos Gallery presents its annual exhibit of historical prints
from the Robert Bell collection. Most of the work comes from the
late 19th century period called the Etching Revival, when a wide European
and American audience found it could afford work from the hands of well-known
artists, through folios of their original fine art prints.

This exhibit offers prints from these folios, wherein modern collectors will
find the same mix of fine art and modest prices.

(online gallery)

Through January 15th.


Paul Steiner, New Work, October 9th, 5-7:30pm

Paul Steiner presents a series of new paintings. The work displays his developing

interest in exploring the underlying compositional elements of his subject matter.
The northern New Mexico settings are familiar but a new emphasis on
formal structure emerges in the work.


Through August 30th.


Phyllis Sloane
, Memorial Exhibit, August 14th, 5-8pm

Phyllis Lester Sloane passed away on May 26, 2009 at the age of eighty-seven. Argos Gallery and Eli Levin Studio will jointly present a memorial exhibit of her work. Argos Gallery will present a survey of Phyllis’ smaller-scale paintings in  acrylic and watercolor, and work from her extensive catalog of etchings and other printmaking. Across the street, Eli Levin Studio will hang a selection of Phyllis’ large-scale paintings which have never before been exhibited in Santa Fe.


Through August 30th.


Eli Levin, Still Life, June 12th, 5-8pm

Argos Gallery presents new work by Eli Levin. Levin returns to the still life genre for this exhibit. He says that his

still life subjects give him a "freedom of creativity," a chance to avoid the exigencies of weather or temperament that
other realist subjects can bring.  But his subjects also display an ascetic restraint, as Levin declines to pull us in
with the genre's usual vocabulary of precious things. Rather he invites us to appreciate the "explicit clarity" he finds
in his "expositions" of familiar objects.


Through July 10th.


Whitman Johnson, Thirty-three years in Santa Fe, October 10th, 5-8pm

Argos Gallery is proud to present a collection of both recent and earlier work by Whitman Johnson. In this exhibit,
the spirit of New Mexico modernist plein air painting is alive. We see vibrant echoes of Higgins and Dasburg, as well
as Nash, Nordfeldt, and even Bakos. And underlying these is the palpable influence of Cezanne, whose work revealed
that the truth of the landscape emerges from the painter’s assiduous dialog with it.

Whitman Johnson’s dialog with the New Mexico landscape has unfolded over the last thirty-three years. This exhibit
of his oils and watercolors celebrates that painterly conversation.


Through November 3rd Held over through November 14th.



Paul Steiner, New Work, September 12th, 5-8pm

Paul's work reminds those of us living in northern New Mexico of the
simple pleaures of our surroundings. The subjects are familiar; chamisa

in the early light, an adobe shed against pinons, or a sandstone outcropping
in the noon sun. Careful observation and a restrained palette yield paintings
which extol the everyday; anecdotes in color of the place we live.


Through October 8th.


For fifty years, Eli Levin has worked from the nude, with three separate artist groups joining
him in his studio weekly to sketch from the model. Surprisingly, he has never mounted a gallery

exhibit of nudes until now. This collection shows Levin at his most thematically complex,
mixing historical themes with observations on the psychology of post-Feminist culture. All the while
making us question our responses to the nude figure while exploring its ancient role
in high art.

The exhibit is being held on the occasion of the artist's 70th birthday.

Through July 4th.
(note: adult subject matter)



From Barbizon to Santa Fe, Dec 7th, 5-7:30pm.

Second in a series of Lecture/Exhibits, Argos Gallery and Dr. Robert Bell present
a multi-faceted etching exhibit. The event includes:
• another in a series of Dr. Bell's popular lectures on etching;
• a preview of an important documentary book on etching in Santa Fe;
• and two concurrent etching exhibits, one a collection of historical work from the Etching Revival
and the second featuring contemporary Santa Fe artists.


Through Dec 21st


Thayer Carter,
High Desert, Nov 9th, 5-8pm.

Carter's subject matter is the villages of Northern New Mexico and the high desert
landscape surrounding them. Carter's woodblock prints are well-known in Santa Fe
but exhibits of his paintings are rare. This exhibit offers an opportunity to explore the
many ways the two inform each other.


Through Dec 4th


Greta Young, Bad Beasts, Oct 12th, 5-8pm.

Young brings an expressionist menagerie to life in these paintings of a fraught world.
Broken figures and a menacing bestiary stand for Young's distress over the "precarious
time of uncertainty and violence" she perceives around her.


Through Nov 7th



Sarah McCarty, Quinces, Pomegranates and Black Radishes, Sep 14th, 5-8pm.

In the seventeenth-century genre of Natura Morta, the modern still-life was born
from strands of Illumination, botanical illustration, natural science and an esthetic
of cultivated plenty. McCarty's twin passions of garden design and painting converge
in her practice within this painterly tradition.


Through Oct 11th


William Gonzales, Etched in Memory, a booksigning, Aug 31st, 5-8pm.

William will sign his newly published book, a collection of his etchings.
Exhibition of Gonzales' work is on-going.


Phyllis Sloane, Still-Life/Cityscape, Aug 24th, 5-8pm.

This exhibit presents the two distinct painterly subjects of still-life and cityscape

and highlights Sloane's identical formal aproach to both. In a fascinating study of
artistic method, identical abstract geometries of form yield the widely varying moods
of a darkly haunted city rooftop or a brightly lit tabletop of fruits and vegetables.


Through Sep 13th


Paul Steiner, Painting Around Town, July 20th, 5-8pm.

Better known for his landscape work, Paul presents here a series of images
of Santa Fe, rendered with a disarming honesty. In the artist's words:
The painting of everyday life depends on what makes up your everyday.
We live in the adobe house I built when I was eighteen. Vickie's office is
on the Plaza and we often meet up there. These are paintings of the
Santa Fe I live in.

Through July 13th


Jack Sinclair, Recent Work, June 22nd, 5-8pm.

In his recent work, Sinclair has developed a personal
expressionism within the modernist landscape tradition, inclusive of Hartley,
O'Keeffe and Dixon. A sense of the mirage, in tension with the solidity of
gently abstracted shapes, informs the work with an immateriality and
subtle mystery.

Through Aug 17th


Dick Stroud: Guest Exhibit, June 15th, 5-8pm.
An exhibit of figurative watercolors by Dick Stroud. Stroud shares a background
training with several well-known Santa Fe artists; David Barbero, Eli Levin and Paul
Shapiro. The same influences which informed the regional Santa Fe landscape
style of the 80's may be discerned in this exhibit, on display
for one week only.

Through June 21st


Eli Levin: Social Realist Work, May 25th, 5-8pm.

The exhibit offers a survey of the social-realist themes Levin has elaborated
in the last several years. A remarkable range of subjects include immigrant workers,
the military-industrial complex, 9/11, government-sanctioned torture, unemployment,
as well as Levin's familiar vehicles of the bar and gallery scenes.

Through June 14th


Reed Campbell: Recent Work, Apr 27th, 5-8pm.

The display will include pastels on paper and board as well as constructions in resin
and collage. The works present complex layerings of imagery, evocative of layered
sets of associations in memory. Level shifts, layerings, resinous translucencies, a
play of effacements, all mark these intelligent paintings with a sense of mysterious

Through May 18th


Phyllis Sloane: the Watercolor Drawings, Mar 9th, 5-8pm.

Argos presents a retrospective collection of watercolor drawings from the
model by Phyllis Sloane. This remarkable body of work spans almost 50

Through March 28th


Santa Fe Bohemia, Jan 26th, 5-8pm, at the gallery.

Premier booksigning, exhibit and reception. Eli Levin will sign his
new book Santa Fe Bohemia and exhibit paintings and prints in
the theme of the early Santa Fe Scene.

Exhibit one week only.


(Click the images for more information)

500 Years of Painter Printmakers, December 8th, 5-8pm.

First in a series. Dr. Robert Bell will exhibit a selection of prints from his vast
collection, a survey of the history of printmaking. Examples will range from
Durer and Rembrandt through Kollwitz, Picasso and Johns. Dr. Bell will
lecture on the artwork; most prints will be for sale. Lecture seating is limited.

One weekend only.

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